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Your Numbers

The numbers here refer to the results from your physical exam and laboratory tests which will help you gauge and monitor your health status.  Annual physical and wellness screens are important steps in becoming proactive with your health. They can provide vital information about your general health and also indicate the possible beginnings of a disease process.


Can you recall your most recent blood glucose number or your last blood pressure numbers?  Have you ever discussed your body mass index (BMI) number with your doctor?  Do you pay attention to your triglyceride and high-density lipid (HDL) numbers? What exactly do all these numbers mean and what role do they play in your current health?  The results from these measurements are the numbers that will influence your course of actions as you focus on improving or maintaining your health.


In Chapter 1 of my book, there is an easy quiz that can help you assess where you're at in your current health path.  This exercise serves to create awareness of some of your habits and is only a piece of the solution to managing your health status.


Female Scientist Using Microscope

Only you can connect the pieces to your health puzzle, so let's get started!

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